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We understand how easy it can be to get bored with the same workouts so our class timetable is designed to keep your training dynamic and fun. The idea is simple, if you like it you will keep at it!

Below is a brief description of the classes we run here at Pulse.


This is an awesome class to help you de-stress whilst also giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

You will learn skills in boxing and self-defence. You will never get bored with boxcamp, it will literally keep you on your toes!


This class is the ultimate full body workout including mobility, strength and cardio in a formatted fun way.

At bootcamp you can work on your techniques in barbell squats, deadlifts, push ups, and more, all with the supervision and encouragement from our qualified personal trainers.

If you are looking to tone up, this is the class for you.


Build your stamina and endurance in a gritty high intensity work out.

Circuits is filled with a mix of everything, be prepared to jump, run, lift, push, pull and more all to keep your body moving in a range of motions and to keep your body guessing.


This fat burning class is high intensity interval training, comprised of cardio and strength to get your heart pumping.

This class is designed to help you lose overall body fat fast, so prepare to work hard!


Unwind, relax and stretch after a hard week with our fully qualified yoga instructor.

Take the time to look after your body and be guided into movement and sequences which are designed to reduce stress and increase flexibility.

Team games

Grab your teammates and take down the workout together. This class is fun and energetic with positive vibes.

You will all have to encourage each other to the finish line. This class has high volume reps so prepare to sweat and support.

kettlebell conditioning

A fat-burning class that is designed to be effective using kettle-bells.

This energetic workout will help you gain strength, lose body fat, and improve your core fitness and stamina


Sore back? Haven’t got the core strength to support your body movements? The core includes various muscles such as your traverse abdomen, obliques and lower lats.

All these core muscles work and act as stabilisers for your entire body. This core class will be specific to developing these muscles and adding tone and strength to your core.


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